Diver’s Checklist

Responsibilities as a scuba diver

As a dive operator we want you to enjoy all the dives after long journey and return home safely with beautiful memories of underwater Raja Ampat. We created this simple list below for you as a guidance to stay safe and avoid risks in diving;

  • Be medically and physically fit to dive
  • Not dive if feeling unwell
  • Maintain adequate hydration before and after dives
  • Check your own tank and  equipment
  • Do buddy check
  • Avoid diving to maximum no decompression limits
  • Diving in buddy teams
  • Check your own air consumption during the dive
  • Ascend slowly
  • Do safety stop
  • Mimimize exercise during and after dives
  • Maximize surface intervals

Dive insurance is not require to dive in Raja Ampat. However due to the remote area of Raja Ampat and limited healthcare facilities in nearby area.  We recommend divers to purchase their own divers insurance.

Insurance specialize in divers need Divers Alert Network (DAN) offer memberships benefits;

  • 24-hours, 7 days a week, medical assistance, in the event of a diving accident or illness worldwide.
  • Emergency Evacuation to an appropriate medical facility for both diving & non-diving accidents.
  • A range of Travel Assistance benefits, including pre-trip information, return of travel companion, emergency cash advance, and much more.
  • Medical advice.

For more information DAN memberships and how to purchase your insurance

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