The history of Daroyen Village

Exploration Raja Ampat by Brasa Suhonik

By choosing us, you will journey to one of the remote areas in Raja Ampat and enjoy the world’s most pristine coral reefs. With that thought, that means that the amenities you are accustomed to will not be readily available.  No TV.  No WI-FI.  No iced-lattes.  No air-conditioning.

Instead, imagine waking up to in a world where the sound of waves gently breaking on the mangroves and soft sand welcome you to a new day. A gentle ocean breeze guides you to spots where few people have ever stood before, and you watch majestic sunrise dance from above the hill. You’ll breath in all of Raja Ampat’s colours, sounds, and aura.

Somewhere close by, a sea turtle is hunting for its morning meal. A clown fish cautiously ducks in and out from its anemone. You take a last sip of coffee and head off to your day’s adventure.

A few words from the owner

Owned and operated by a proud native Raja Ampat Herman Mayor and employ 100% native Raja Ampat. Daroyen Village mission is to give you the real Raja Ampat experience while ensuring the delicate preservation of Raja Ampat’s environment, unique traditions and identity.

Herman first introduction to conservation was in 1990’s where he acted as a guide to the famous ichthyologist Dr. Gerald Allen. He took Dr. Allen to pristince foral reed sites that at the time were not yet known or imagined by the outside world. Those pristine reefs were later name; Cape Kri, Friwen wall, Cape Mansuar, Warasnus cove, Mioskon, etc.

His last assignment was a guide leader for leatherback turtle documentary crew in September 2013 in Saursapoh South of Sorong. Herman and the team set up a camp and spent a few weeks in the isolated beach to document leatherback turtle nesting periods.

Daroyen Village previously known as Mambrasar Guesthouse has several transformation over the years. It began with Herman initiative while working at the pioneer resort. He often met guests that could not afford to go to the island and strandef in Waisai. He had the idea to offer place to stay in Yenbuba village with family. Herman’s family will prepare a room for guest whenever they receive a call from Waisai there are travellers looking for a place to stay.

As the years go by and years of saving and searching for a location to build ecotourism based. Daroyen moved from one place to another and found a remote spot that nobody want and turn it to a place to accommodate Raja Ampat guests. Daroyen Village name is chose because we like to think this is a place for everyone especially for all underwater enthusiasts and adventure from around the world.

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