Top 9 sunburn-free Smart Tips For Travelers To Raja Ampat

Experts says avoid sun from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. But in Raja Ampat it starts from 8:00 AM to 3 PM. The reason is because sun’s rays are intensified by reflection from sand and water.

Sunburns can ruin your vacation in Raja Ampat. The itch is very annoying and the burning sensation lasts for days and week. We want you to be able to enjoy your dive and snorkel boat trips, relax on the hammock, bath under the sun.

Here are some helpful techniques that will allow you to build tolerance and stay out in the sun, worry-free.

Top 9 sun protection smart tips for travelers:

1. Wear loose and bright clothing

White long sleeves shirt and long pants can actually make you feel cool under the sun, especially if you have area that have been sunburned. There are UV sun protection long sleeve shirts for men and women you can buy before coming to Raja Ampat off the internet that offer really good protection.

2. UV Protection Rash Guard

If you always want to be able ready to go in the water for snorkeling you must be mindful that your back is fully exposed under the sun. We recommend full suit rash guard. It covers from neck to ankle. The material is light, easy to pack, only 1mm thick, dry easily, soft and stretch resistant.

3. Wear a hat

Yes, a hat with a brim is a good way of helping protect your face, head and the back of your neck. Especially if you have thin hair or shaved heads have higher risk of getting sunburned on the top.

4. UV protection sunglass

Never go out on a trip without UV protection sunglass. A proper shade will provide optimal protection for the eyes and the surrounding skin.

5. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is a key part in how you’re going to feel during your whole day activity whether you are out diving or just snorkeling on the surface. You will sweat a lot even underwater. We always bring bottled water with us on every trip, but we see too often people don’t drink and feel dizzy or headache later in the day. Please Drink lots of WATER.

6. Consume extra vitamin D and saturated fats

Consuming vitamin D supplement can help in turn help to protect you from UV radiation of the sun. Saturated fats provide building blocks for skin tissues.

7. Rub coconut oil on the skin

Although coconut oil is less effective compare to sunscreen. Coconut oil have powerful antioxidants releases into the skin, which bolster natural defenses and prevents damage from long term sun exposure. You can also try making your own whipped coconut oil lotion.

8. Sunscreen

We don’t recommend sunscreen due to its negative effect in polluting underwater and damaging corals marine ecosystem. But there are parts of body such as your face, neck, feet or hands that are exposed to sun rays and you have concern of possible getting burned. For this we recommend to use sunscreen that are ‘reef safe’ and used lightly. Because ‘reef safe’ label sunscreen is not necessarily 100% safe.

9. Pace yourself – and be open to modifying your plans

Some people are very tempted to get as much sun as possible. But staying under the sun even when getting sunburned can make your skin blister and peel. If you feel dizzy or nauseous or develop chills or a fever, it’s time to get out of the sun. Take a swim under mangrove and again. Drink lots of WATER.

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