Daroyen Mansuar

We are currently located on Mansuar island. We have three overwater bungalows and one on land bungalow all built using own locally available eco friendly material, from the timbers to the leafs for the walls and the roofs.

Total four overwater bungalows with sea view and great snorkeling sites all day long literally just on your doorstep. Each bungalow is about 24 meter sq. All bungalows accommodate up to two people. Mosquito nets and hammocks available in all bungalows.

Mansuar island offer something very rare to find in most resorts and homestays. Fresh water. A commodity that is take for granted in cities but in Raja Ampat is precious. Here you will be able to shower with cool natural refreshing freshwater after days exploring seas snorkeling and diving.


Our food source relies heavily from local suppliers in Waisai and own vegetable garden. The accommodation include three meals. We serve rice, cassava, variety of vegetables, occasionally chicken, and fish fresh caught, deliver daily from local fishing boats.


Electricity source is a generator available from 6:30 pm to 12:00 pm. Let us know if you need longer time to recharge your gadgets.

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